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Nantes Wine Tour,  a partner network

General manager words

NWT is led by Franck Pasquier, a native of Anjou close to the Nantes vineyards. After 15 years in the world of IT and telecommunications on behalf of American and French companies, established in 2002 VLO Vignoble Loisirs Organisation. Coming from a family of travelers and passionate about the world of wine, it is natural that in 2010 he launched the brand Nantes Wine Tour which will become in 2016 a separate company.

Franck Pasquier
  In 2010, NWT is the prime provider specializing in trips to the vineyards of the Nantes region. Very quickly the offer extends Anjou, the vineyards of the Layon and Savennières and Saumur. Chinon enriches the offer after wonderful meetings in 2012.

"Vignobles et Découvertes"

Nantes Wine Tour is registered in the "Vignobles et Decouvertes" approach, national id label a wide network of service providers of a vineyard. The Loire Atlantique department carries this project for the Nantes Vineyard and promotes the destination "Muscadet Loire Océan". vignobles et decouverte 


"Caves Touristiques" of the Loire Valley

caves touristiques val de loire In its approach to selection of areas to visit, Nantes Wine Tour draws on the network of "Caves Touristiques" of the Loire Valley for many years. guarantee of quality in terms of services provided and the quality of the products tasted.